With this Twitch extension, your viewers will be able to mess with your keyboard & mouse inputs or play sound alerts that can route through your microphone.

Customized Alerts

Customize input & sound alerts for any game or download shared alerts.


Let your viewers troll the people that play with you by sending alerts directly to them.

Twitch Plays

Disregard the extension and route alerts through chat to let them control your game.

Multiple Profiles

Seamlessly switch between profiles when you switch games.

Be Unique Amongst Millions Of Streamers

Trolling creates funny & unique moments that will shape deeper connections with your viewers and make your stream stand out from other 10 million streams on Twitch.

Increase Engagement Up To 500%

Continuous usage of troll alerts have shown a massive increase in user engagement. With increased user retention your channel will grow bigger at a faster rate.

It Is Time To Skyrocket Your Stream

Install TrollAlerts now and set your channel apart from the other 10 million streamers on Twitch!

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