About TrollAlerts App

How exactly does the TrollAlerts app work?

TrollAlerts consists of a Desktop App for Windows and a Twitch Extension (panel in the about section of your profile). You can Create customized input and sound alerts within the desktop app and they will be synced to the Twitch extension. Your viewers can then execute these alerts through the extension to Troll you during the stream.

How many alerts can I make?

Twitch has a data limitation on extensions. The current limit is 30 alerts. You can create multiple profiles though and switch between them, so technically you can have unlimited alerts.

Can I use this for any game?

Yes, you can use this for any game or app.

What exactly is the multiplayer feature?

The desktop app can be downloaded by anyone that plays multiplayer games with you on stream. The app has 2 modes, one for the streamer and one for the viewer. As a streamer you simply start hosting and send a key to the other players. They can then connect to the streamer and will automatically download all the alerts of the streamer and start listening for alerts (that have been marked as multiplayer alerts) from this stream as well. Your viewers can then select a target user for the alert when they execute it within the Twitch extension to troll these players as well.

This feature can also be used for streamers that are doing dual streams for example (2 people broadcasting on the same stream).

How does the 'Twitch Plays' feature work?

Alerts can also be triggered for free (without bits) and they can also be routed over chat instead of the extension. The reason for the deferred routing is, that Twitch has a limitation on how many requests can be sent per minute via the extension. So the routing over the chat via chat commands enables you to let chat take full control of your game which is a very popular way of streamers to have fun with the community and getting everyone involved.

How does the Sound Alerts routing through the microphone work?

First of all, routing sounds through the microphone is completely optional in this tool. If you have the right setup that routes your microphone audio through a virtual audio cable (for example the GoXLR provides such a virtual audio output) then you can route the sound alert through this audio cable. This can be used for noise sensitive games for example, where the enemies hear you if you make noise through your microphone.

You can also use this tool for regular sound alerts and download existing sound alerts others uploaded.

Revenue and Payments

What does TrollAlerts cost?

The application is free and you can also use it completely free as long as you don’t use bits. Twitch takes a standard of 20% of the bits spent to give it to the extension developers to ensure server costs are met and to finance continous development and support. So if you use bits you will still get 80% of the bits spent with any Twitch extension.

Is there any paywall for my viewers?

If you use bits, the extension will use the bits integrated into the Twitch platform. Viewers can use the bits they already have on their account so there is no additional paywall for them or for you.

How do I get the bits?

All the income via bits will go directly to your Twitch account and will be paid out with the normal payment cycle.

Data & Sharing

What happens when I reinstall this tool on another computer?

Your data is bein securely synced with our cloud every time you make a change. When you install the tool on a new machine it will pull the existing data automatically as soon as you log in with your Twitch account.

How does the sharing of alerts work?

You can choose with every alert, if you want to share it with others or not. By default, your alert will be shared (which you can deactivate in the settings). If the alert is being shared others can download the exact same actions for their alert. No secret data will be revealed to them. They will only see your public Twitch name within search.

Does the TrollAlerts cloud service save my access credentials?

No. Your access credentials will not be saved on the server side.